How to care for pearls
By JonJiang

Loving people is like keeping flowers, so is pearl. It is an organic gemstone, the main component is calcium carbonate crystals, its hardness is not as good as diamonds, colored gemstones and other mineral gemstones, and there is no precious metal like the ductility and plasticity, so the pearl is a kind of more delicate gemstones, need to be carefully cared for and maintained, or else it is prone to cause irreversible loss and damage. Here are some methods and precautions for you to introduce pearl maintenance.

Avoid chemical contact

  1. Avoid wearing pearl jewelry when bathing: the shower gel and chemicals used in bathing may cause damage to the pearls, so it is best to take off the pearl jewelry before bathing.
  2. Avoid contact with chemicals: Wear pearl jewelry after make-up and perfume to avoid direct contact of chemicals on pearls.
  3. Avoid contact with grease and smoke: particles in grease and smoke will adhere to the surface of pearls and affect their luster. Therefore, it is best not to wear pearl jewelry during the cooking process.

Regular cleaning of pearls

  1. Gentle wiping: Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of pearls to remove dirt and grease. You can use warm water to wet the cloth, but avoid using soap or chemical cleaners.
  2. Drying: After cleaning, leave the pearls in a dry place to dry naturally and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. Prevent sweat erosion: the acidic substances in sweat may cause damage to the pearls, so after exercise or sweating, the surface of the pearls should be wiped promptly with a soft cloth to keep them dry and clean.

Physical maintenance of pearls

  1. Avoid collision and drop: Pearls are relatively soft gemstones and are susceptible to damage from collision and drop. When wearing or storing pearl jewelry, avoid direct contact with hard objects to prevent surface scratches or breakage.
  2. Separate storage: Pearl jewelry should be stored separately to avoid friction with other hard objects that may scratch the surface of the pearls. You can use pearl-specific boxes or soft cloth bags for storage.
  3. Pearl necklaces knotted: pearl necklaces should be knotted between the pearls to avoid collision and friction between the pearls to reduce the risk of damage.
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