Giving Back

Preala & American Littoral Society

Many of the resources humans rely on come from the oceans.The ocean is the muse of artists. However, due to human activities, challenges such as ocean pollution, glacial melting, and the looming extinction of marine species have intensified, bringing our relationship with the marine environment to a new level of urgency. All life on Earth shares one vast ocean.
In pursuit of a sustainable future for our planet, we've chosen to join forces with the American Littoral Society to contribute to the protection of our marine environment.

Pearls are treasures from freshwater and the ocean, with ecological balance reliant on the unending cycle between the land and sea. Jewelry symbolizes nature's unique, simple, and gorgeous gift to us. In appreciation for the ocean's generosity and your unwavering support, Prealajewels unconditionally contributes to the American Littoral Society, advancing their charitable endeavors to protect marine ecosystems.

Our Featured Partner: American Littoral Society 

Our current collaboration is with a global non-profit organization that, since its inception in 1961, has continuously advocated for, protected, and educated the public about the importance of cherishing our coasts. The American Littoral Society inspires individuals to invest their "sweat equity" into a portion of the shoreline, claiming ownership and becoming devoted stewards.
Now, Preala Jewels partners with the American Littoral Society, sharing a vision that marries luxury with a dedication to environmental conservation.
Together, we pledge to create a vibrant coastline.

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