How to Choose Necklace Length
By JonJiang

Necklaces are a common accessory, and their different lengths will show different wearing effects. Choosing the right length of necklace can not only add the finishing touch to your outfit, but also highlight your personal style and fashion taste.

  1. choker length: 30 ~ 33cm

The choker is a short necklace, about 30mm long, almost equal to the circumference of the neck, closely fitting the neck, as if it were a collar. The choker exudes classical flavor and romance, but it is horizontal, so it is only suitable for women with slender necks and delicate features. Matching with one-shoulder, V-neck, bustier, halter dress and other items will be more brilliant.

  1. short necklace length: 35 ~ 40cm

The length of the short necklace just below the collarbone, wearing a beautiful arc, can modify the neck line, so it is also known as the collarbone chain. This length is the most classic necklace length, suitable for daily life and various occasions. Short necklaces can show delicate styling and feminine elegance. It can be matched with almost all outfits and is a super versatile length that is recommended as a hand-me-down must-have.

  1. Princess necklace length: 43~48cm

The length of the princess necklace is between a short necklace and a medium-length necklace that falls below the collarbone. Compared to the previous two lengths of necklaces, the princess necklace can form a small U-shape at the neck, and if you add a pendant, it can also form a deep V or Y-shape. As a basic model in necklaces, it should become a regular in your jewelry box.

  1. Martini necklace length: 50~60cm

Martini necklace is a medium-length necklace, just below the neckline position, can visually stretch the neck and body lines, enhance the sense of hierarchy. This kind of necklace is not only suitable for people with short necks, but also has an excellent performance in both inner and outer wear.

  1. opera type necklace length: 71 ~ 90cm

The length of the opera necklace makes it possible to wear it in a variety of ways. Opera necklaces can be twisted into two or three short strings to create a sense of layering. You can also tie it in a knot in front of your chest to instantly form a Y shape, which lengthens your figure and makes you look taller and thinner. Opera necklaces can also be layered with other necklaces to show multiple layers. Whether it is a daily collocation or to participate in the banquet, the long necklace will play a more prominent role in the embellishment.

  1. knot rope type necklace length: more than 114cm

The length of the rope necklace is just below the navel, and similar to the opera necklace, it can be used to create a variety of patterns. However, if a shorter person wears a long knot necklace, it is recommended that it be wrapped or knotted to avoid pulling down the center of gravity and making you look shorter.

The length of a necklace determines its wearing effect, and necklaces of different lengths show different features and styles. At the same time, the necklace can also be stacked according to personal preference and style, the more common is short + medium + long collocation, you can create more fashionable effect according to their own characteristics.


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