Cultivation of Freshwater Pearls
By JonJiang
Freshwater pearls are fascinating and unique pearls. As one of the stars of the jewelry world, freshwater pearls are known for their rich color, shape and texture. China is a major producer of freshwater pearls, accounting for 95% of the world's production.

Freshwater pearls are divided into freshwater non-nucleated pearls and freshwater nucleated pearls, most of which are freshwater non-nucleated pearls. For freshwater nucleated pearls, the main shellfish cultured are freshwater pearl oysters, of which the most famous species are Hyriopsis cumingii and Hyriopsis schlegelii. Cultivated for 3-5 years, they have large grains with a diameter of 11-20mm, good roundness, bright luster, and rich pearl colors, including the traditional white and golden shades, as well as the rare violet, deep purple, and bronze colors. Freshwater nucleated pearls usually do not require the insertion of a strange object as a core, and they form pearls based on pure nacre. They come in a great variety of colors, ranging from pure white to various shades of pink, purple, blue and yellow. Since they have no core, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be round, semicircular, oval, etc.This diversity makes each freshwater pearl unique, allowing for more creative possibilities.
Freshwater pearl farming has several advantages over seawater pearl farming. Firstly, freshwater pearls are more productive. A single pearl mussel can produce multiple pearls at the same time, while seawater pearls usually have only one pearl. Secondly, freshwater pearls are cheaper because they can be cultured in a relatively simple freshwater environment without the need for complex seawater treatment equipment. In addition, freshwater pearls also have a shorter cultivation cycle, usually between a few months and a few years, which means that culturists can reap the benefits more quickly. And more and more freshwater pearl farms are now becoming sustainable by adopting environmentally sustainable practices.
In short, the variety of shapes, rich colors and elegant luster make freshwater pearls a popular choice in the jewelry market. It is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also holds the pursuit of purity, elegance and preciousness. Preala's freshwater pearls are carefully selected for quality and variety, offering you not only a wide range of choices, but also the perfect gift.
This hand-wound DIY pearl bracelet is a work of art. The large pearls are 11-12mm in diameter and the small pearls are 5-6mm in diameter, they are skillfully interlaced and have a unique design aesthetic. The bracelet is made of 14K gold and the overall chain length is 18.5cm, making it suitable for all wrist sizes. These pearls are high quality freshwater pearls from China, possessing AAA grade quality and very thick layers of pearls. They are perfectly round in shape and exude a high degree of luster. The hand-wound design allows each pearl to be meticulously cared for, highlighting the chic art.


This is a classic double layer pearl necklace. The pearls are originated from China. Each pearl has a diameter of 7-8 mm and possesses AAA quality with thick layers of pearls that present a valuable natural texture. The round pearls are closely arranged one by one to make up the necklace, which is gentle and powerful, radiating a high degree of luster. The necklace is made of 14K gold and the overall length is 47cm, making it suitable for most people. The double layer of pearls adds richness to the necklace and can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces to show off your unique style.


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