The world of pearls is filled with color... From classic white, silver gray, golden, pink, blue to black and almost every shade in between. The pearls Preala use are all naturally formed pearls. Many colors cannot be classified into a single color card, and they can even glow in various colors under the light.But we will also classify pearls according to existing common color classification standards.

White Pearl Types

White Akoya Pearls

Oyster Type: Pinctada fucata martensii, saltwater oyster
Origin: Japan, China and Vietnam
Body Color: Cool white with greenish to blue undertones
Overtones: Rose (hint of pink), Silver (bright white) and Cream (touch of warm yellow)
Sizes: White Akoya pearls can be as tiny as 1.0 mm seed pearls up to 10.0 mm at their largest.

Black Pearls

Black Tahitian Pearls

Oyster Type: Pinctada margaritifera, black-lipped saltwater oyster
Origin: French Polynesia Islands
Body Color: Ranges from pastel silver gray to a variety of dark charcoal grays to rarely pure blacks.
Overtones: The most common overtones are peacock, green, blue-green and silver/steel.
Sizes: Tahitian pearls range in size from 7.0 - 7.0 mm up through 15.0 - 16.0 mm and larger.

Gold Pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls

Oyster Type: Pinctada maxima, gold-lipped saltwater oyster
Origin: Philippine Islands, Indonesia and Australia
Overtones: Neutral Gold, Silver, Rose and Bronze/Green
Sizes: Golden South Sea pearls can range from 8.0 - 9.0 mm up through 16.0 - 17.0 mm and larger.
Did you know:A Golden pearl is often depicted in Chinese folklore in the dragon's mouth or claws. The Chinese believe the dragon is bringing luck, great wealth and prosperity to the pearl's owners.

Pink Pearls

Pink Freshwater Pearls

Mussel Type: Hyriopsis cumingii, freshwater pearl mussel
Origin: China
Body Color:Ranges from pastel baby pink to deeper bubblegum pinks and mauve hues
Overtones:Aquamarine, Gold and Rose
Sizes: Pink Freshwater pearls can be as tiny as 1.0 mm seed pearls up to 20.0 mm or so.