What is Baroque Pearl?
By JonJiang

When we browse jewelry products, we will see Baroque pearls. So what exactly are Baroque pearls? What is its origin? Today, this article will educate you about Baroque pearls.

The origin of Baroque pearls

First of all, Baroque pearls are heterosexual pearls, that is, deformed pearls that are not the common spherical shape. The word Baroque originally originated from Portuguese (BARROCO). Whether it is French baroque or Portuguese barroco, it means deformation or imperfection. Later, the word Baroque derived its meanings such as "strange, weird, deformed, messy" in various European languages. The so-called "pearls are round and jade-like", in the traditional sense, pearls have always been round in value and beautiful in roundness. But Baroque pearls have no rules at all. They are a type of irregular pearls. They are unique and are the "muse" of jewelry designers.

Baroque pearl meaning

1. Infinite possibilities Infinite possibilities are one of the main meanings of Baroque pearls. Baroque pearls are special-shaped pearls with irregular shapes. In the eyes of artists, special-shaped pearls have infinite possibilities of beauty and can present a natural beauty.
2. Health and longevity. In addition, Baroque pearls also imply health and longevity. In Western culture, pearls are considered the birthstone of June. People believe that pearls can bring peace and health to people, so many people like to wear jewelry made of pearls. Wear it on your body.

Today, the editor discusses the origin and symbolic meaning of Baroque pearls with you. In the next issue, we will educate you about the cultivation of Baroque pearls.
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