Baroque Pearl Care and Value
By JonJiang
In the last issue, we learned about the origin and significance of Baroque pearls. In this issue, we will look at the cultivation of Baroque pearls. In fact, Baroque pearls are pearls of the opposite sex. Pearls are generally born in irregular shapes, so those with rounder shapes are particularly precious. Opposite-sex pearls were considered poor quality for a long time. Thanks to the Renaissance, these irregular and controversial opposite-sex pearls have been recognized by more and more people.


So how to maintain such precious and beautiful pearls?
Barcroft pearls are relatively more artistic and different from those conventional jewelry. It is also because of the uniqueness of Barcolo pearls that they are sought after by everyone in the market, especially designers, because these pearls of different shapes are unique and can Bring deeper design inspiration to designers. Because each Barcolo pearl is unique in the world, the designed works are also unique in the world. This is also the most unique part of the design style.
Barcroft pearl necklaces are extremely valuable in the market and are highly sought after by everyone. They are of great collection value. Perhaps in people's perception, the rounder and bigger the pearls are, the more valuable they are. However, the strange-shaped Barcroft pearls have opened up a market of extremely high value. This is also because only 1/10 of the cultured Baclo pearls can be used as jewelry, and most of them are only used as cosmetics or medicinal purposes.
However, although Barcolo pearls look weird, they are also very valuable jewelry, so you must pay great attention to maintenance. First of all, be careful not to place Barcroft pearls together with some sharp objects, otherwise it will easily cause friction on the surface, thus affecting the collection value.

Also remember not to let Barcolo pearls come into contact with oils and some acidic and alkaline chemicals, otherwise Barcolo pearls will easily lose their original luster. When swimming or washing dishes in the kitchen, you should also remove the Barcroft pearls first, because the chemicals in the water will also have a certain impact on the pearls.
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