Step into Preala's exquisite collection: Pearl Earrings
By JonJiang
Earrings can be made of various materials such as gold and silver jewelry. Among them, pearls are known for their warm appearance, and earrings made of pearls are often considered an elegant and classic choice.Preala has designed many exquisite pearl jewelry for earrings. Today, let us appreciate the pearl earrings of preala.

Akoya pearl

Pearls from Akoya are available in three types of stud earrings and three types of earrings. According to the shape of the earrings, there are three types: diamond ring, four-leaf clover and star. Earrings are available in drop style, sapphire combination, and triple pearl lever back style. All the earrings are equipped with 18K gold, which further shows the noble and exquisite atmosphere, and some are equipped with gemstones and diamonds to highlight the timelessness and opulence.

Freshwater pearl

There are more than 40 types of earrings in the Freshwater series. Everyone who loves pearl earrings will be able to choose their favorite style in preala. Inspired by the biological shapes in nature, we have designed styles such as chrysanthemum, bee, butterfly and so on. White, yellow, pink and other colors are also licked to further enrich the color matching of earrings. In addition, we also added bohemian and baroque styles, exuding charming artistic charm.

Golden south sea pearl

Gold South Sea pearl earrings from the Philippines are meticulously designed by the manufacturing team. Pearls with delicate luster and rich gold color are firmly set on 18K gold stud earrings for a timeless and elegant look. At present, preala has only launched one style, but it is also the only one. We believe that this unique style can add a touch of charm to your collocation.

Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian black pearls are a specialty of the salt lakes in French Polynia in the South Pacific. They are extremely rare and enjoy the reputation of the Queen's Pearl and the Queen of Pearls. Preala has launched a pair of earrings and stud earrings, which can add luxury and preciousness to you.


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