Step into Preala's exquisite collection: Pearl Rings
By JonJiang
Rings inlaid with different gemstones have different meanings. For example, diamonds symbolize eternity to show the loyalty of love. Emeralds represent love, and pearls represent nobility. Today we come to appreciate the pearl ring with noble connotation launched by preala.

Tahitian pearl

The first thing to introduce is this Tahitian pearl ring, which uses a precious 8-9.5mm Tahitian black pearl and matches it with an 18K gold ring, which blends black elegance and gold nobility. Diamonds are inlaid around the ring to add a sparkle to the whole ring. With the glamorous luster of pearls, it creates a dynamic and active atmosphere. We usually use diamonds as a symbol of love and devotion, and in this ring design, we used diamonds as a foil, surrounding the glamorous black pearl, highlighting its essence of elegance and charm.

Freshwater pearl

Freshwater series pearls are divided into 5 types according to the size of the ring.

5-6mm Freshwater Pearl Butterfly Ring

This ring is designed in the shape of a butterfly, in order to highlight the charm of pearls with the beauty and lightness of the butterfly.

6-7mm Freshwater Pearl Thin Ring

A 14K gold-plated ring is designed in a ring, with a pearl at the beginning and end of the ring. This ring shows a very simple and elegant design. The thin gold-plated ring design makes the ring more light and natural, and the two pearls on it are particularly delicate and delicate.

7-7.5mm Freshwater Pearl Hollow Ring

This ring ingeniously adopts the hollow pattern of love, making it center around the pearl, implying that you are guarding the most precious you with love.

8-9mm Freshwater Pearl Open-ended Ring

The innovation of this ring is that it adopts an open design, which can be adjusted to the size of the ring to best fit the wearer's finger.

11-12mm Freshwater Pearl Shell Ring

Pearls come from shellfish molluscs. In this ring, shells are added to match with pearls, so that the luster of pearls and the texture of shells complement each other.

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