What is Pearl Wedding?
By JonJiang

Americans take their wedding anniversaries very seriously and always hold a wedding anniversary party with gifts for every important wedding anniversary. A pearl wedding is a type of marital monument that refers to a wedding anniversary, usually the 30th wedding anniversary. In Western culture, wedding anniversaries are known by different names to signify different years, and a pearl wedding is one of them.

Pearl is a precious gemstone that symbolizes purity, beauty and sturdiness. Therefore, the 30th wedding anniversary is known as the Pearl Wedding, meaning that the couple has been on a journey of thirty years of marriage. Like a pearl, a marriage becomes stronger, more beautiful and more precious through the years.

The Pearl Wedding is a special occasion, a day that allows couples to reflect on their marital journey, appreciate the commitment and love they have for each other, and look to the future to continue making more memories together. On the special anniversary of a pearl wedding, couples often give each other pearl jewelry as gifts to show their love for each other. For example, these Tahitian black pearl mabe earrings are set with diamonds and feature 7-8mm mabe for a chic look. Originating from Polynesia, the black pearl is a precious and rare gemstone, perfect for a pearl wedding object to show how much you cherish your wife.


Every nation values marriage as an extremely important event in life. In fact, whether it is a pearl wedding or any other anniversary, what is important is the sincere feelings between the couple and the strong foundation of the marriage. These special anniversaries remind us to appreciate and cherish what we have, and at the same time encourage us to continue to work for our mutual happiness. Preala would like to wish you a very happy Pearl Wedding Anniversary! May you and your loved ones continue to walk together.

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