How to Match Pearl Jewelry with Everyday Wear
By JonJiang

In fashion, pearls are seen as a symbol of class, nobility and elegance with their unique luster and warm texture. Few gemstones are as versatile as pearls. It adapts well to both business suits and casual outfits and adds glamor to your look. It's hard to imagine a piece of jewelry that you can wear from the office to the market without feeling out of place, but pearls can.

Business suits are mostly in black, white and gray, and the classic white color of pearls complements them. You can pair them with a classic white pearl necklace or a pearl suit. Especially in business occasions, the size of the pearls matters, so a huge white South Sea pearl necklace would be the perfect choice. Besides, you can also match a gold watch, a multi-functional office handbag and a pair of simple high heels to complete your business look.

Casual wear fades away the seriousness of the office with a more relaxed and bright tone. A single pearl necklace or a simple pearl bracelet is a more appropriate choice that is both understated and daily. Ideal for short trips or walks, they are light and slightly more sophisticated.

If you love geometric prints and bold colors, and enjoy a totally relaxed weekend and an experience of having fun, then bohemian style will be your favorite. This style is usually paired with brightly colored gemstones or long sweater chains, or you can layer multiple necklaces of different lengths to add visual effects. When the summer sun is shining, pair it with a scarf headpiece or a big straw hat, and vacation style is easy to get.


Pearls are classic and modern. No matter what kind of pearl jewelry you choose, it will enhance your outfit. From pants to skirts, casual to business, nothing is more versatile than pearls. It is a multi-functional piece of jewelry that can be adapted to every occasion. If you're still struggling to choose the right piece of jewelry, then consider pearls from Preala! They are known for their handmade, high-end jewelry in a wide variety of styles.

Today’s recommendation:

5-6mm Pink Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Cupid's Arrow Lock

The pink color, like a blooming flower, is soft and vibrant. The distinctive irregular shape is just to show your distinctive taste and extraordinary. Pairing this delicate 5-6mm baroque necklace with a business suit is both a fashionable accent and a way to express your individuality and confidence.

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