By JonJiang

Preala has launched the #PrealaWithSea initiative with the American Littoral Society to protect the precious coastal environment. The importance of this initiative has been widely reported in The Globe and Mail, Canada's foremost news media company. Founded in 1844, this historic media company is part of the fabric of Canadian society. They cover events that have changed their nation, as well as day-to-day happenings that continue to shape their country. The Globe has won more national newspaper awards than any other news organization in Canada and has been honoured with multiple Michener Awards for public service journalism.

The Globe and Mail's mission is to inspire and inform Canadians through courageous, empathetic and honest journalism. They are committed to being a customer-focused organization with the needs of their readers at the center. In keeping with the goals of the PrealaWithSea initiative, The Globe and Mail has instituted regulations for sustainable paper. They oppose illegal logging, promote sustainable forest management, and encourage suppliers to use high-quality recycled fibers and recycled paper. In addition, they require suppliers to track and reduce organic pollutants in the product supply chain and promote the use of chlorine-free bleached paper. These measures aim to build a sustainable relationship with nature.

The PrealaWithSea initiative hopes to attract more people to ocean conservation through its promotional partnership with The Globe and Mail. As a high-end jewelry brand, Preala values the gifts of the sea and is committed to treating and giving back to the ocean. This initiative expresses a sincere promise to protect the oceans and calls on people to work together to preserve the home we all share. We are born in nature and depend on it, so it is our responsibility to do our part to save the natural environment.

Preala's partnership with The Globe and Mail sets an example for sustainable development. Through this partnership, we are sending an important signal to the world that luxury, when combined with true purpose, can be a force for environmental protection. We believe that it is only through cooperation and working together that we can achieve the goals of ocean conservation and sustainable development. Let's join hands and work together to protect the oceans and the planet!

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