Preala with Elyse Hofer
By JonJiang

In today's age of social media, Elyse Hofer has attracted the attention of more than 100,000 followers with her perfect body and sweet smile as a model and influencer. Of course, it's not just her appearance that attracts people, but also the superb business skills and charisma she displays.

Starting a collaboration with such a lovely girl, Preala chose a series of exquisite pearl jewelry to highlight her charm. First up is a freshwater pearl pendant in a classic white and gold color that is timeless. A single 11-12mm pearl is made into a pendant that is both simple and eye catching. The 18" chain length sits just slightly below the collarbone, showing off the beautiful line of the shoulder and neck. Next, a pair of 7-8mm pearl earrings in 14k gold that are both understated and luxurious. Perfect for the vibrant beauty girl, this size of pearl is both light and delicate, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look. Finally, there is a wrap, shaped like a twisted vine, with a 6-7mm freshwater pearl set at each end for a unique and innovative design. Although these three pearl jewelry are single pieces, they will not be out of place when matched together. They all feature freshwater pearls and their style leans towards simplicity, making them perfect for young girls.



Freshwater Pearl Gold Hollow Pendant

The pendant features a delicate 11-12mm Freshwater Pearl as its focal point, which presents a stunningly large size and outstanding lustre. Each pearl has been carefully selected to ensure its high quality and unique charm. The gold tone of this pendant exudes a luxurious and elegant ambience, providing the wearer with a sense of confidence and class. It is the perfect accessory for all occasions, whether for everyday wear or a special social event.

14k Gold 7-8mm Natural High-Quality Huggie Earrings with Pearl

6-7mm Freshwater Pearl Thin Ring

This 6-7mm freshwater pearl thin ring showcases a simple yet elegant design. Each pearl is of a moderate size and lustre, giving a delicate and natural feel. The ring features a thin ring design that highlights the delicate beauty of the pearls. The lightness and slenderness of the fine ring allows the pearl to be the focal point, highlighting its unique charm. The overall design of the ring is simple and delicate, perfectly showcasing the purity and lustre of the pearl.

Preala is honored to collaborate with Elyse Hofer, whose youthful beauty is a perfect fit for our brand. We hope that this collaboration will help each other and unleash an endless energy. Pearl jewelry is not just a decorative item, but also a way to show your personality and taste. Elyse Hofer, as a representative of fashion and elegance, and Preala show the perfect combination of youthful vigor and pearls. Whether on stage or in daily life, Preala pearl jewelry brings radiant charm to every woman. Let's look forward to Elyse Hofer's interpretation of the pearl story together with Preala.



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