Preala with Relina Ismollie
By JonJiang

With multiple identities, Relina Ismollie is a model, actress, gymnast and painter. Nowadays, she is making a big splash in the field of fashion. She has already gained more than four thousand followers on Ins due to her versatile style, but she shows more youthful and casual charm. A sweet smile is her trademark, and her slender figure amplifies her energetic girlishness.

Based on such characteristics, Preala has handpicked a pearl pendant for her. The pendant consists of a freshwater pearl with a diameter of 10-11 mm and an oval diamond reflecting each other without any other embellishments. As natural and innocent as this wonderful age, the 18in yellow gold chain length suits most people and hangs below the collarbone with a hidden line. Relina chose to wear this pendant with a red dress, which is eye-catching. She also paired the pearls with a suit for a strong female look. Pearls are classic, but they are also versatile, and those who know how to wear them can maximize their beauty.

We are very excited to be working with Relina, who perfectly showcases our pearl jewelry. There is a different beauty in pairing simple outfits with minimalist jewelry. Preala's pearl pendant shows character and taste, and its careful design and high quality make it feel sincere. No matter what the occasion is, this pendant will add a unique flair to yours. You can also combine it with several different outfits to try out different styles, just like Relina.

Pearls are not just a piece of jewelry, they are a fashion and attitude. It is a unique jewelry with a natural quality that makes it special, and a small pearl carries a lot of emotions. Let's go on this youthful fashion journey together with Preala's pearls and radiate glamor!

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