New bracelet recommendations
By JonJiang

The new bracelets we bring to you are small in number, but they have been carefully selected. We pay more attention to the quality of our products than the quantity, and hope to present you with excellent jewelry design and craftsmanship.

First is this four-leaf clover lucky shell embellishment and purple and white two-tone baroque bracelet. The four-leaf clover represents luck, and we specifically chose this lucky symbol as the design element of the bracelet in hopes of bringing good luck to the wearer. The bracelet features a special two-tone purple and white color scheme, adding a chic charm to the whole. Each baroque pearl is one of a kind, with their irregular shapes showing their distinctive beauty. This bracelet is unique and skillfully blends luck and individuality.

Next is this Baroque Button Pearl King Gold Coin Design Bracelet. The pearls on the bracelet are in a flat shape, like a delicate button, arranged in an orderly manner with the gold coins printed with the king's head. The classic combination of white and gold color makes the bracelet exude a noble and elegant atmosphere. Instead of the usual round pearls, we have carefully chosen button pearls to add a unique design to the bracelet. This bracelet shows attention to detail and allows the wearer to experience the beauty of taste and uniqueness in

Both of these bracelets are made of AAA quality baroque freshwater pearls. Whether it's the Clover Two Tone Baroque Bracelet or the Button Pearl King Gold Coin Bracelet, both of them show the unique charm and high quality of pearls. The styles and colors vary, so you can choose according to your needs. We hope you will enjoy these two bracelets from Preala, which not only show excellent design and craftsmanship, but also incorporate elements of luck, personality and taste. Whether you want to give them as a gift to a loved one or add a special piece of jewelry for yourself, these bracelets will be the perfect choice.


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