Luster of Pearls
By JonJiang

Luster is one of the most fascinating characteristics of pearls. When light hits the surface of a pearl, it emits a soft glow as if it contains an endless amount of light inside. The luster of a pearl is the intensity of the light reflected from the surface of the pearl and the clarity of its reflection, which is one of the most important factors in determining the quality and value of a pearl.

Nacre is one of the biggest factors in determining the luster of a pearl, and depending on how thin or thick the nacre is, the luster can be strong or weak. Generally speaking, pearls with good luster have a relatively thick nacre layer. In order to accurately assess the luster of pearls and classify them according to their luster, a luster meter can be used. The luster of pearls ranges from poor to medium, high and very high. Pearls with poor luster have weak reflections and are quite fuzzy. Sometimes the pearl luster is dusty and has a chalky surface. Pearls with medium nacre have brighter reflections, but are still somewhat fuzzy.

People give pearls an elegant and dignified air, thanks in large part to their luster. But luster changes over time and with use, so it's important to take care of your pearls' luster. Since pearls are organic stones, they are very sensitive to chemicals and high temperatures. You should avoid contact with acid and vinegar, alcohol and perfume when wearing pearl jewelry to prevent damage to their luster. It is best to take off the pearls when cooking, as it has microscopic pores on its surface, adsorption of grease and oil smoke may cause yellowing. When not in use, it is best to put into the jewelry box, regularly with a soft flannel gently wipe the surface of the pearl to remove dust and dirt. Put the pearls in a cool place, try to avoid direct sunlight, or placed in too dry place to avoid pearl dehydration.

The size, shape, color, surface and luster of a pearl are the five main factors by which pearls are judged. It can be said that of these five factors, luster has the greatest impact on the value of pearls. However, all factors should always be considered together when purchasing pearls. Because the points that matter to each person will be different, maybe it's the size, maybe it's the color. You need to have a basic concept of pearls and then just pick according to your preferences.

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