Our packaging consists of three cards and an exquisite box, representing our sincerity and love for our beloved consumers. Pearls are elegant, formal, and symbolize love from the deep sea. They make a perfect gift for your loved ones and are an ideal choice. We provide exquisite gift boxes with all our products without exception.
The front of the gift box features the Preala logo in gold embossing, accentuating the luxury of the gift. On the reverse side, you'll find a rose gold metal Preala logo with the inscription 'Timeless beauty, Priceless love.' This phrase signifies that beauty and love are eternal, immeasurable by material wealth, underscoring their enduring and precious qualities.

About the envelope:
Preala logo envelope and several exquisite cards. In an era before electronic communication dominated, people often communicated through written letters, and a beautifully crafted envelope often reflected the importance placed on the letter and its recipient. Preala has thoughtfully included an exclusive envelope adorned with the Preala logo in the packaging, as a genuine token of our gratitude to our customers. Of course, gift buyers can also include a heartfelt letter in the envelope to convey their love to the gift recipient.
Preala's choice of packaging design is a genuine expression of our deep appreciation and the value we place on the gift recipients. Every aspect of our packaging is a testament to our sincere gratitude towards our customers. We eagerly anticipate our customers wearing our products and radiating beauty and charm.