Step into Preala's exquisite collection: pearl pendants
By JonJiang
We have produced more than 50 types of pearl pendants. Today, we will focus on introducing the keshi and seawater mabe series.

Keshi pearl

Keshi pearls, also known as small baroque pearls, originated in Japan. These pearls are irregular in shape, with distinctive teardrop, oval, or wavy shapes. The luster of keshi pearls is like moonlight shining on the lake, exuding a soft and mysterious light. Keshi pearls come in a wide variety of colors, from subtle silver to stunning peacock blue.

Akoya Pearl Bee Necklace Pendant

Crafted in the shape of a bee in 18K gold, this pendant features a large pearl on the bee's belly, a small pearl on the head and gemstones on the wings for a playful and cute look. The bee symbolizes the meaning of diligence and vitality, which adds a lot of highlights to this pendant.

Seawater Mabe pearl

Seawater horse shell pearls are pearls made of seawater horse shells, and their colors are white, yellow, pink, blue, etc. Seawater mobey pearls generally range in size from 2mm to 10mm. Smaller pearls are mostly used in jewelry, while larger pearls are known as "giant seawater mobey pearls" and are very rare.

18K Gold Seawater Mabe Chain Tassel Pendant

The unique design of this pendant is that there is a chain tassel hanging under the pearl, which makes the whole more sparkling and moving. The embellishment of the golden tassel complements the sparkle of the pearl, adding a touch of charm and movement.

18K Gold Seawater Mabe Pearl Triple Drop Y-shape Pendant

The design of this pendant is very unique. Three half-moon pearls are unfolded according to size from top to bottom. Each shimmers with its unique iridescent light, exuding the expansive allure of the sea.

Unique-18K Gold Seawater Mabe&Diamond Season-inspired Pendant

This pearl is surrounded by a flower pattern inlaid with diamonds, which highlights the preciousness of the pearl and also brings out the natural vitality of the pendant as a whole. The star blue luster of the pearl, coupled with the sparkle of the diamond, declares the deadly light from the deep sea.

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