New necklace recommendations
By JonJiang

We are pleased to present a new collection of unique and exquisite jewelry that will allow you to express your personal style! We are full of sincerity to bring you a surprise, presenting a series of unique and exquisite jewelry, so that you can fully express your personal style. We take quality as the core, take your satisfaction as the goal, dedicated to creating the most suitable jewelry for you.

This necklace is highlighted by neatly arranged oval pearls measuring 4-5mm.These pearls are AAA quality with long lasting luster and beauty. The design of the pendant is inspired by the classical court style, it features a floral motif and the stamen is delicately embellished with a round pearl. These freshwater pearls from China are paired with the elaborate pendant to give it a vintage and elegant feel. I am sure this necklace will bring you the charm and unique flavor of court style, no matter as a precious gift or wearing it to various occasions.

This 18K white gold necklace is a double layer design with a perfect combination of crystals and pearls. Each pearl is a freshwater pearl from Japan, measuring 5-6mm and AAA quality. The crystal setting embellishes the necklace, and when worn the light flickers with the swing of the body, concealing the little details. Inspired by the spirit of freedom, the necklace is named "Freedom" and is 31 inches long, making it suitable for most people. The double-layered design also offers a variety of ways to wear the necklace for different occasions and personal preferences, whether you wear it in a single layer or layered to show off your freedom of style.


Timeless charm in simplicity. The round pearls are grainy and emit a high degree of luster, each pearl measures 10-11mm, AAA quality. The simple and generous design of this pearl necklace is not easy to be outdated, adding elegance and charm to you. The simpler it is, the more it tests the product itself, with impeccable luster and shape of the pearls. This necklace is also available as a set, which is perfect if you're looking for a full set to match. Simple in design but full of heartfelt quality, this necklace will be a treasured addition to your jewelry collection, whether as a gift or as a reward for yourself.

This new collection is the brainchild of our team, full of creativity and inspiration. We are confident that these jewelry pieces will be a source of confidence for you. We also appreciate your continuous support and love to Preala, and we will keep working hard to bring you more amazing jewelry pieces. We look forward to your stopping by and witnessing Preala's jewelry wonders together!


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