A luxurious pearl brooch
By JonJiang

The pearl brooch is a not-to-be-neglected type of jewelry that has a certain audience. It usually consists of one or more pearls and a brooch fastener that can be easily attached to clothing. The shapes are varied and can be as simple as a single pearl or as intricate as a flower, butterfly or heart shape. Pearl brooches are beautifully designed and are often combined with other gemstones to make them even more striking.

Among the many brooches available on the market, Preala would like to recommend you one of the brooches we have in our store, let's take a look together.

This brooch uses a 7-8mm diameter pearl as the stamen of the flower and decorated with zircon tassel. The overall design resembles a blooming flower, giving it an elegant and gorgeous feeling. With the swaying of the body, the tassel shimmers in the light, and the looming light can't help but attract people's attention. When you wear it to a dinner party, it will accompany you through the wonderful moments.

Made of 14K gold-filled, this brooch combines mother-of-pearl and zircon to add a touch of luxury. The tassel design gives the brooch a sense of flexibility. It is not only suitable for older women, but also for young people. The whole brooch is in noble gold color, which can amplify your charm no matter what kind of occasion you wear it.

When an object is given a specific meaning, it becomes extraordinary. A pearl brooch is not just a decoration, but also a way to show your personal taste and style. When you choose it, there is bound to be something in sync with it. We believe that giving it as a gift to others will also bring an unusual feeling.

Preala has always been committed to pearl making, hoping to bring every customer a satisfying shopping experience with the best quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Choosing a brooch that suits your needs can be hard to come by, but no matter what, Preala will be there with you!


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