Pearl Powder Efficacy and Role
By JonJiang

Pearl Powder, with a thousand-year history of Chinese medicine application, is widely recognized for its medicinal effects. It is known for its unique effects such as tranquilizing the mind, brightening the eyes and detoxifying the body. Modern research has further confirmed the unique effects of pearl powder in improving immunity, delaying aging, removing spots and whitening, and supplementing calcium. The main components of pearl powder include protein, calcium carbonate, more than 20 kinds of trace elements and vitamin B. Among them, the non-protein amino acid taurine has attracted much attention in medical research and clinical experiments in recent years, and is considered to be one of the important components of pearl powder with various therapeutic effects.

Pearl powder can be used both internally and externally.

Commercially available pearl powder for internal use is usually sold in the form of capsules for easy consumption. Among them, pearl powder capsules ground by pure physical method are mainly used for clearing heat and detoxification, improving sleep, alleviating constipation and supplementing trace elements as the main effects. Water-soluble pearl powder capsules after acid or enzyme dissolution are mainly to supplement calcium. In addition, there are also products combining pearl powder with other ingredients, each of which has different efficacy due to different combinations. Some of the pearl powder is also made into traditional Chinese medicine.

External use of pearl powder can solve the problem of oil and dead skin, whiten the skin, make the skin radiant and beautiful. Pearl powder has a significant anti-aging effect by enhancing the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), which makes the skin fresh, smooth and fair. Therefore, pearl powder has become an additive in many cosmetics. Pearl powder also has a certain burn repair effect and can be used as an ingredient in baby talcum powder.

Pearls can be said to be beneficial to the human body in many ways. Not only can it be worn on the body, but it can also be ground into a powder. Although the pearl looks small, it contains infinite treasures. Pearl powder possesses a wealth of benefits and functions, and is a common beauty product with effects that vary from person to person. Whether taken internally or externally, it is a unique medicinal treasure that brings well-being to our health and beauty.

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